Your go-to guide in making Native Aussie bees a welcome visitor to your backyard garden.

o Your Native Aussie hive needs good shelter and protection from the sun in summer, but warm sun throughout the days in our winter months.
o Planting deciduous trees like the Frangipani, red cedar and Crepe Myrtle provide adequate warmth and shade throughout the year.
o Your local garden centres or nurseries are the best source of native bee-friendly plants.
o Provide a variety of exotic and native plants for a year-round food
o Native Aussie bees will be attracted to clusters of plants so avoid spacing out individual plants
o Purple, blue, white, and occasionally yellow flowers in an array of shapes and sizes are found to be favourites of our native Aussie bees.
o Our list of some native Aussie bee-friendly plants include:
o Grevilleas
o Hakeas
o Climbing Senna
o Single White Camellia
o Yellow Gerbera
o Crepe Myrtle
o Sacred Bamboo
o Paper daisies

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