‘Liquid Gold’

“It’s definitely liquid gold” is how renowned chef Kylie Kwong describes Australian Native Bee honey. 1

Our Australian Native Bee honey is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. “Tangy, zesty, zingy, like lemon drops infused with Eucalyptus, a delicate sharp sweetness” are a few ways we might describe our incredible our Native Australian nectar.

One drop goes a long, long way. Our honey tastes incredible because our bees forage on high-quality, all-natural ingredients. They feed on wild Gigal Gee flowers ‘superfood’. These flowers grow in our rainforest, soaking up the rare-earth crystalline elements in the soil of the Gibraltar Range. Running alongside are the rapids of the Rocky River. This river provides pristine, flowing freshwater to our Australian Native Bees and our Land. All this creates the golden elixir that is our unique Native Australian honey- filled to the brim with antimicrobial, antibacterial and antioxidant goodies!

Oh, and one more thing! The exquisite taste isn’t the only thing about our Native Honey that differs from your standard jar. We eat our honey by the droplet, not the spoonful. Australian Native Bees produce about 1kg each year, 50 times less than standard commercially hived bees. That ratio of 1:50 provides a good guide to eating our honey. Use about 1/50th of the serving size you normally use with standard non-native Australian honey. One drop goes a long, long way.

[1] ‘The Australian Native Bee Book’ by Dr Tim Heard, published by Sugarbag Bees, 2016, at page 173 of the 2021 edition.